Winterize and Dewinterize (Summer-ize)

Winterize: starts at $125.00

Winterize service $125.00- $158.00 depending on additional appliances.

  • Additional appliances include:
    • Ice Maker- this will need to be blown out and winterized to insure the solenoid, water lines and ice maker does not freeze and break.
      • There is a difference in how a residential fridge and a RV fridge is winterized please specify when scheduling the appointment.
    • Washer or hook up for washer and/or dishwasher – If you do not have a washer but have the hookup (hot and cold water lines used to facilitate a washer) the lines need to be winterized to insure the lines will not break.
    • Dishwasher – blown out and winterized.

Black and grey water is the responsibility of the customer to dump. We do not have the equipment necessary to pump or dump a unit on site.

Please note:  If there are services needed in addition to the winterize we will need to schedule a separate appointment to address your needs.

Dewinterize:  $125.00 if we completed the winterize service.

Dewinterize: $150.00 if we did not preform the winterize service.

Please note:  If there are services needed in addition to the summarize we would need to schedule additional time for the appointment and there will be additional charges for a service call and time involved for added services outside of the dewinterize.