Recommended Parts and Supplies

These are recommended products. We have provided a link to the items on Amazon. If you prefer to buy direct we generally have all items in stock.


Sanitation and Plumbing

Inline fresh water filter

Back up gate valve

Preferred black water tank treatment

Water pressure regulator

Propane Accessories

Propane level gauge


Washer Machine Maintenance

Afresh washer cleaner

Washers should be cleaned monthly using vinegar or the product linked to clean detergent and softer buildup and assist with evacuation of buildup in the grey water tank.



Slide out seal conditioner and protectant

Recommended to treat slide out seals every 90 days to restore solvents and provide UV protectant.




**We do not guarantee or warranty product quality, durability or shipping.  Purchases are made though Amazon though our Amazon Affiliation link and we receive a small profit.  It is the customers rsesponsablitly to obtain and initiate any warranty on any items.