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Page’s Mobile RV Service (PMRVS).  We come to you to for your RV Repair and Service needs!!!  We service the Treasure Valley area and La Grande Oregon area.

NOTICE:   Please call 208-989-8552 and leave a message or speak to us to schedule your appointment.



What is a Service Call Fee? A Service Call Fee is a fee to have a technician arrive at your location–this fee is to secure a visit with a technician, the technician’s travel time (that includes vehicle maintenance cost) and all the logistics associated with scheduling/arranging the schedule and traveling from any point to your location. A Service Call fee allows customers to stay where they are at, and the technician comes to the customers, as opposed to the customer bringing their unit to a shop. In addition to the service call fee, the technician has an hourly rate for any diagnosis, repair or review of the unit.

Appointments subject to change, based on availability, location and logistics at the discretion/business needs of Page’s Mobile RV Services. Cancelation of the appointment by the customer must be at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a service call charge. Service Calls charge(s) are due when the technician(s) arrives at the unit without or without completed work or diagnosis. If parts are required, these charges will be assessed at the time of service. All part(s) that needing to be ordered, will require a deposit. If your service requires the arrival of a new part, a new schedule will need to be arranged for this part in which time and labor will be assessed for the part install. If other service or diagnosis are requested beyond the original service call, a new service call charge and time and labor will be assessed.


Parts and Labor Warranty Disclaimer
We (Page’s Mobile RV Service) do guarantee our work on a limited basis for time and labor for work we provide that does not satisfy the full repair and/or requires future attention on our behalf. Time and Labor warranty will be addressed on a case by case basis and discussed with the customer when issues or questions arise. If our service is needed concerning a completed service repair we will address said repair and if further time and labor is necessary to complete repairs over and above repairs already made it will be the customers responsibility to compensate for that time and labor. If repairs are requested when we are performing repairs utilizing our guarantee of complete and correct repairs the customer will be responsible for a service call fee and/or will need to coordinate a future appointment to address additional service work.
Products and parts have a separate warranty through the manufacturer. It is the customers responsibility to register products as instructed with the warranty information provided with parts.
We do not guarantee the warranty of manufactured new or used parts. If a product or part is defective or has failed (and not a result of improper installation) we are willing to diagnose the failure, however, it will be the customer’s responsibility to utilize warranty protocol to obtain a replacement part including any shipping or freight charges and reimbursement for service call, time and labor. If the warranty does not provide compensation for service call, time and labor it will be the customer’s responsibility to compensate at the time of service for the service call, time, labor, shipping or freight charges associated with replacement of defective parts.

Payment for service call, time and labor will be required at the time of service and is the customer’s responsibility to obtain reimbursement from the manufacturer or warranty company for any service call(s), time and labor associated with warranty protocol on manufactured parts unless otherwise stated or instructed through the warranty company.


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